Don’t let this guy in your car

New pics of homicide suspect Zachary Drey, last seen near Maryland/Katie. Considered armed & dangerous. #wanted — LVMPD (@LVMPD) June 2, 2017 Here is a pdf detailing what he did PO 153 05-31-17 Man Found Dead in Apartment Don’t forget to sign up for news concerning the Rideshare Association

Is Uber Acquiring Bad Habits In Las Vegas?

November 22, 2016

Is it possible that uber is not the great alternative to taxis? Oh I guess if price is the subject then yes they out price taxis. however when it comes to experience and service taxis have the lead. One of the problems I see going forward is this one at the airport.  This is a […]

Uber Is Crying About The Rules Now

March 23, 2016

I guess Uber doens’t like it when another company plays by the same rules they do. In other words they don’t play by any rules except their own. I say big deal, they deserve what ever they get.  Sabotage! Uber accuses rival of booking 400000 fake rides – KLAS-TV Wed, 23 Mar 2016 14:31:07 […]

Ridesharing At The Airport Las Vegas

November 13, 2015

Yeah Lyft is operating at the airport but not at the capacity they probably want. They have a small log set off ot the limo lot. In camparison there is 15 lines of cabs and when it’s busy those lines move very quickly. as I pass when going to the cab lot I see most […]

Is Uber Hurting Taxi Income

October 22, 2015

Everyone keeps asking if Uber has had an impact on my business as a cab driver. “I don’t think so” is my most common answer. I usually follow it up with ” I don’t really pay much attention though” which is a lie, I check everyday for something about Uber or Lyft.  I guess I […]

Celebs Ride Segways

Jenelle Evans rides a hands-free segway in Hollywood – Daily Mail Wed, 30 Sep 2015 21:01:10 GMT Jenelle Evans rides a hands-free segway in HollywoodDaily MailJenelle Evans rides a hands-free segway in Hollywood. Jenelle Evans enjoyed a ride on her hands-free segway in Hollywood. The MTV Teen Mom appeared to be very happy taking […]

Las Vegas Rock Crawlers

This is my first post about things to do in Las Vegas other than hang out on the strip. I chose this activity because it’s close to my heart. I really enjoy rock crawling and though I don’t know these guys very well, I know they go out with Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers and other […]

The high Price Of Uber

February 27, 2015

This is actually funny to me being a cab driver in Las Vegas I hear all the time how much better Uber would be than the Las Vegas cabs. Every time we have a big show or convention many of my customers tell me how they would like Uber to be in Las Vegas because […]